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Antonyms of adj pure

8 senses of pure                                                        

Sense 1
pure (vs. impure)

impure (vs. pure)
        => adulterate, adulterated, debased
        => alloyed
        => bastardized, bastardised
        => composite
        => contaminated, polluted
        => dirty, dingy, muddied, muddy
        => unpurified

Sense 2
arrant(prenominal), complete(prenominal), consummate(prenominal), double-dyed(prenominal), everlasting(prenominal), gross(prenominal), perfect(prenominal), pure(prenominal), sodding(prenominal), stark(prenominal), staring(prenominal), thoroughgoing(prenominal), utter(prenominal)

INDIRECT (VIA unmitigated) -> mitigated

Sense 3

INDIRECT (VIA theoretical) -> applied

Sense 4
saturated (vs. unsaturated), pure

Sense 5

INDIRECT (VIA harmonious) -> inharmonious, unharmonious

Sense 6
pure (vs. impure)

impure (vs. pure)
        => defiled, maculate

Sense 7
pure, vestal, virgin, virginal, virtuous

INDIRECT (VIA chaste) -> unchaste

Sense 8
pure, unmixed, undiluted

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